Since 1 January 2014, the site of Lamotte belongs to the ICIG group. International Chemicals Investors group is a privately owned industrial holding company.

With activities dating from 1896 the industrial park hosts currently 4 companies, generates an activity for nearly 1000 people and is a major player in the local economy.

Safety and environment is a priority.

Consideration of safety aspects and protection of the environment starts with the design of products and installations.

An internal inspection service approved by the authorities, guarantees pressure vessels are in good operating conditions.

The site is classified “Seveso high threshold” due to the use of certain toxic or flammable substances.

A service of 8 professional firefighters protects the activities permanently, reinforced by more than 35 volunteer firefighters, equipped with modern Equipment.

Technical progress, training of all staff and significant investments have considerably reduced the likelihood of a serious accident.

The site has a physical and biological waste water treatment plant equivalent which is approved by the Seine Normandy Water Agency. A digestor converts a part of the waste water into biogas, which is burned to generate steam.

Atmospheric releases are treated by an innovative process developed and patented by the weylchem Lamotte Chemical Industrial Parksite has signed a voluntary commitment to gradually reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Services and Utilities

Occupational Medicine

Security and fire department (24h / 7 days)


Company restaurant

Information Technology support


Waste water treatment

Analytical laboratory with Hi Tech equipment e.g. NMR, MS, HPLC, …

Energy and utilities (electricity, nitrogen, compressed air, gas, Deionized-water, steam)

Inspection Service (recognized by the French authorities)

Rental of buildings, meeting and conference rooms

The platform actors

The 4 actors are highly incorporated with local partners.

The benefit from UIC, high leved ranked with a top 5 university compiegne (UTC) as well as IAR Industry and Agro Resources Cluster.

The Region and National government support further growth of our industry on a recognized certified and structured platform